Tweet button

The tweet button widget allows the option to post the currently viewed page to Twitter along with a message.


Basic usage

{{widget('tweet', 'button', {})|raw}}

By default the text in the button is empty, so it’s advised that you add text using the linkText option.

Example usage

{{widget('tweet', 'tweetblog', {
  'linkText': 'Share the blog',
  'tweetText': 'Checkout this blog',
  'align': 'widget-align-right'

Resulting HTML:

<div id="page-zones__template-widgets__tweet-tweetblog" class="widget  widget--template-widget" data-widget-type="tweet">
  <div class="bk-tweet  tweet  widget__tweet  widget-align-right">
    <a class="button  icon  icon--twitter  tweet__button" target="_blank" href=" this blog&amp;url=">Share the blog</a>

Widget options

The button widget has a wide selection of options:

  • linkText: The text shown on the tweet button.

  • tweetText: The text shown in the posted tweet.

  • align: Sets the button alignment using classes on the surrounding div element. The following options are available:

    • widget-align-left: To align the button to the left.
    • widget-align-center: To align the button to centre.
    • widget-align-right: To align the button to the right.