Map widget

Add a map widget to your template.

You can add a map widget to your template. The map address can be changed later with the Editor.


Basic usage

To include a map widget in your template you will need to add the following line:

{{widget('map', 'googlemaps', {})|raw}}

Example usage

{{widget('map', 'googlemaps', {
  'height': '150',
  'zoom': '15',
  'address': 'profile'

Resulting HTML:

<div id="page-zones__main-widgets__MapWidget" data-name="map" class="widget  widget--zone-widget">
  <div class="bk-map  map  widget__map">
    <div class="embed-wrap  map__embed-wrap  js-map">

Widget options

You can change the following options for the widget:

  • height: The height of the map in pixels. Possible values: from 100 to 500

  • zoom: The map zoom. Possible values: from 1 to 20

  • address: The address for setting up the map. If you set to profile, it will use the profile data