Add a twitter feed widget to your template.


You can add a Twitter feed widget to your template. The feed source can be changed later within the BaseKit Editor.

To include a Twitter feed widget in your template you will need to add the following line:

{{widget('twitter', 'thisuniquewidgetname', {'searchKey': 'cats', 'searchType': 'username', 'count': '3','refreshTime': '1800000','includeRts': '0'})|raw}}

Widget Options

You can change the following options for the widget:

  • searchKey: The source key from which the tweets will be retrieved. Also you can put profile to use the shared profile data

  • searchType: The search key type. Possible values: username or topic

  • refreshTime: The refresh time in milliseconds

  • includeRts: Include retweets. Possible values: 0 (do not include) or 1 (include)

  • count: The number of tweets that the widget will show