Facebook Like

Add a Facebook Like widget to your template.


You can add a Facebook Like widget to your template. The widget can be later customised within the BaseKit Editor.

To include a Facebook Like widget in your template you will need to add the following line:

{{widget('facebooklike', 'thisuniquewidgetname', {text: 'FaceBook Like', showFaces: 'true', action: 'like', colorscheme: 'light', layout: 'standard', height: '80', font: 'arial', locale: 'en_US', thisUrl: 'www.mysite.com'})|raw}}

Widget Options

You can change the following options for the widget:

  • text: The text on the widget

  • showFaces: Display the Facebook profile pictures below the button. true or false

  • action: The verb to display on the button. Like or recommend

  • colorscheme: The colour scheme. light or dark

  • layout: Determines the size and amount of social context next to the button. standard, button_count or box_count

  • height: The height of the widget depending on the layout and showFaces

    • if the layout is box_count, set it to 90
    • if the showFace is true and if the layout is not box_count, set it to 80
    • if the showFace is false, set it to 30
  • font: The button text font. arial, lucida grande, segoe ui, tahoma, trebuchet ms, verdana

  • og_url: The page visitors are going to like, e.g. www.mysite.com

  • og_title (optional): The liked page title, e.g. Home Page

  • og_description (optional): The liked page title. This is the home page

  • og_site_name (optional): The liked page site name, e.g. BaseKit

  • og_image ( optional): The image showing alongside the news item, e.g. http://image.basekit.com/live77891_bk13-imac-and-iphone-hp-new-headerv8-big.png