Available Font Family Values

These are font that we currently support. You can use others but they will not match up in the Editor. We recommend you stick to these:

Primary Font Font Stack String Weights
Abel \"Abel\", \"Lucida Console\", monospace 400,700
Abril Fatface \"Abril Fatface\", \"Palatino Linotype\", serif 400,700
Alfa Slab One \"Alfa Slab One\", \"Oswald\", Arial, sans-serif 400,700
Amatic SC \"Amatic SC\", \"Lobster\", Verdana, sans-serif 400,700,700
Arial \"Arial\", sans-serif 400,700
Arvo \"Arvo\", Georgia, serif 400,700
Bree Serif \"Bree Serif\", \"Merriweather\", Georgia, serif 400,700
Cabin \"Cabin\", \"Oswald\", Arial, sans-serif 400,500,700
Corben \"Corben\", Georgia, serif 400,700
Courgette \"Courgette\", \"Lucida Grande\", sans-serif 400,700
Courier New \"Courier New\", monospace 400,700
Crimson Text \"Crimson Text\", \"Times New Roman\", serif 400,600,700
Droid Sans \"Droid Sans\", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif 400,700
Droid Serif \"Droid Serif\", Georgia, serif 400,700
Futura \"Futura\", Helvetica, sans-serif 400,700
Georgia \"Georgia\", serif 400,700
Glegoo \"Glegoo\", Monaco, \"Lucida Console\", monospace 400,700
Goudy Bookletter 1911 \"Goudy Bookletter 1911\", \"Times New Roman\", Georgia, serif 400,700
Hammersmith One \"Hammersmith One\", Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif 400,700
Helvetica \"Helvetica\", Arial, sans-serif 300,400,700
Impact \"Impact\", sans-serif 400
Josefin Sans \"Josefin Sans\", \"Raleway\", \"Lucida Grande\", Helvetica, sans-serif 300,400,700
Karla \"Karla\", Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif 400,700
Lato \"Lato\", Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif 300,400,700
Lobster Two \"Lobster Two\", Verdana, sans-serif 400,700
Lora \"Lora\", \"Georgia\", serif 400,700
Merriweather \"Merriweather\", Georgia, serif 300,400,700
Merriweather Sans \"Merriweather Sans\", \"Lato\", Helvetica, sans-serif 300,400,700
Montserrat \"Montserrat\", \"Trebuchet MS\", Helvetica, sans-serif 400,700
Montserrat \"Montserrat Alternates\", \"Montserrat\", \"Trebuchet MS\", Helvetica, sans-serif 400,700
Myriad Pro \"Myriad Pro\", Helvetica, sans-serif 400,700
Old Standard TT \"Old Standard TT\", \"Book Antiqua\", \"Palatino Linotype\", serif 400,700
Oleo Script \"Oleo Script\", \"Lobster\", Verdana, sans-serif 400,700
Open Sans \"Open Sans\", Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif 300,400,700
Open Sans Condensed \"Open Sans Condensed\", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif 400,700
Oswald \"Oswald\", Arial, sans-serif 400,700
Oxygen \"Oxygen\", \"Helvetica\", Arial, sans-serif 300,400,700
Pacifico \"Pacifico\", \"Lobster\", Verdana, sans-serif 400,700
Palatino \"Palatino\", serif 400,700
Playfair Display \"Playfair Display\", Times New Roman, serif 400,700,900
PT Mono \"PT Mono\", \"Courier New\", Courier, monospace 400,700
PT Sans \"PT Sans\", Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif 400,700
PT Sans Narrow \"PT Sans Narrow\", Arial, sans-serif 400,700
PT Serif \"PT Serif\", Georgia, serif 400,700
Quantico \"Quantico\", \"Hammersmith One\", Helvetica, sans-serif 400,700
Quicksand \"Quicksand\", \"Raleway\", \"Lucida Grande\", Helvetica, sans-serif 300,400,700
Raleway \"Raleway\", \"Lucida Grande\", Helvetica, sans-serif 300,400,700
Roboto \"Roboto\", Geneva, \"Lucida Console\", sans-serif 300,400,700
Signika \"Signika\", Candara, Futura, sans-serif 300,400,700
Sniglet \"Sniglet\", Geneva, Gadget, sans-serif 400,800
Squada One \"Squada One\", \"Oswald\", Arial, sans-serif 400,700
Tahoma \"Tahoma\", sans-serif 400,700
Times New Roman \"Times New Roman\", serif 400,700
Titillium Web \"Titillium Web\", Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif 300,400,700
Trebuchet \"Trebuchet\", Helvetica, sans-serif 400,700
Ubuntu \"Ubuntu\", Candara, Futura, sans-serif 300,400,700
Vampiro One \"Vampiro One\", \"Courier New\", serif 400,700
Verdana \"Verdana\", sans-serif 400,700
Vollkorn \"Vollkorn\", Georgia, serif 400,700
Yanone Kaffeesatz \"Yanone Kaffeesatz\", Georgia, serif 300,400,700
Love Ya Like A Sister \"Love Ya Like A Sister\", \"Lobster\", Verdana, sans-serif 400,700

Note: The font strings have escaped back shlashes so they can be used within the metadata.json file, as depicted in the metadata section.